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Willkommen bei der Area360 Trampolinhalle / Turnhalle

Area360 Roadmap

Trampoline, Parkour area, Battle Area and much more is waiting for you
Parkour as a world sport for anyone locally exercisable.

The Area360 will be a comprehensive trampoline hall / gym specifically for the sports Parkour, FreeRunninig, Trampoline and Tricking. The hall includes trampoline fields, trick fields, a pole park, parkour elements and a recreation area with various activities and a bistro.

  • Planning


  • Funding

    Ende 2019

  • Construction

    Ende 2019

  • Opening

    Ende 2019


All the news about the Area360 Trampoline Hall


Trampoline, Parkour, Chilling and our fantastic Battle Area

The Area360 has a trampoline area of 500 m2. There are normal trampolines, oblique trampolines, profitrampolines and even more.

Parkour / FreeRunning

Parkourspots, rod park or just a Trickingfläche wanted? The Area360 is equipped with all this to a unique environment, perfect for Parkour and Free Running.

Battle Area

The fight one against one, each equipped with a foam racket, standing only on a small tight board. That's how our brave warriors battle each other in the Battle Area. The goal is to throw the opponent with the foam racket in the air-bag.


For the hunger in the Area360 the company Nicey's provides with their specialties. Nicey's is already actively on the go, on her Instagram and Facebook page you'll find out more!

Who is behind Area360?

Michael Ryter
Michael Ryter
Michael Ryter is a trained computer scientist specializing in application development and a degree in business informatics HF. He worked as a Junior Software Engineer at Crealogix AG. As a child from passionate athlete, he wants to bring people closer to his passion for Parkour and simplify the entry.
Nicola Picmous
Nicola Picmous
Nicola Picmous is a trained plant and equipment engineer specialized in the programming of welding robots. He worked as an equipment and apparatus builder at Verwo AG. As a fascinated Traceur, it has always been a dream to have a safe place where athletes can meet and live their passion together.

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