FreeRunning - Area360 - Die Trampolinhalle / Trampolinpark
9. October 2018


What is Free Running?

FreeRunning is the mode of expression through interaction with different obstacles. That means how an athlete deals with his environment and what he does with it. The movements are usually taken over by other sports such as gymnastics, tricking or break-dancing. Here it is not about the speed, but about the way in which an obstacle interacts.

FreeRunning Backflip | Area360

The emergence of FreeRunning

FreeRunning was made by Sebastian Foucan founded. This discussed the topic already 2003 at the Jump London.

Free Running is supposed to be a broader sport Parkour and focuses on expressing yourself in your environment through fluid movement.

Connection to Parkour

The sport Parkour is intended to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible without any aids. There is basically no point in FreeRunning. You move around and try to express yourself as creatively as possible. That means using the environment to overcome obstacles and perform flip-flops and somersaults.

The two sports are also like mixed and there are often spectacular scenes, as someone comes from point A to B and thereby performs creative jumps.

Free Running in the Area360

The Area360 provides the optimal environment for FreeRunning. Beside the big one trampoline area To practice tricks, there is still a parkour and tricking area. This is great for practicing the sport in a safe environment.

With plunge floors, air-track mats and obstacles to move around, the park offers endless possibilities to design your space to express yourself perfectly.

It is important that you first learn the basics of the tricks and build on the Free Running. Most professional FreeRunners used to work in other sports such as gymnastics, tricking etc. for a long time. Nobody can do FreeRunning out of nowhere, especially not sure, and here a trampoline hall is perfect.