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8. October 2018


What is Parkour?

Parkour is a sport for the rapid movement from point A to point B. There are no aids allowed and the athlete tries the shortest possible way to go. Obstacles must be overcome as quickly as possible. In sports, an athlete is called Traceur.

Parkour Jump | Area360


The foundation for the sport Parkour provided Georges Herbert at the beginning of the 20th century. He developed a method of mental and physical education that is in harmony with nature.

Raymond Belle learned this method in the Vietnam War to flee from opponents. He often trained this method and also broke his son David Belle at.

In the 80s developed David Belle and some friends team up on Parkour sport techniques as they are known today, based on the techniques of Georges Herbert.

Sebastien Foucan was a co-developer of the sport and has significantly developed the parkour philosophy. He also starred in the James Bond movie Casino Royal, performing some parkour techniques alongside Daniel Craig.

Parkour philosophy

Parkour is not only seen as a sport, but rather as a creative art to overcome its own limits set by the body and the environment.

The important thing is that you should not do the sport to impress others with his skills. Also, dangerous situations or stunts like flips or somersaults are not part of parkour. In addition, the competitive aspect of Parkour also does not occur. 

The sport is also about respect for people and the environment.

Parkour Philosophie | Area360

Parkour in der Area360 / Parkour

Bistro und Parkour | Area360

The Area360 offers especially for this sport a training area with different elements, which must be overcome. In addition, one can get tips from professional trainers to improve his skills. The parkour area is together with the FreeRunning Area, which also perform flip's and somersaults.

Wir in der Area360 bieten Parkour an und leben die gleiche Philosophie, wie sie von den Gründern aufgezogen wurden und wollen diese so an jeden weiter geben.