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9. October 2018


Trampolining / Trampoline Fitness

Jumping on a trampoline makes you happy and fit. Be it in children, adolescents or adults trampolining brings everyone joy.

In addition to the ability to practice cool and stunning tricks on a trampoline, it's also a great way to get fit. Did you know that burning trampolines burns more calories than jogging? In fact, you can lose up to 250 Kcal per hour with trampoline fitness more than jogging.

That's not all, while the coordination, balance and core muscles are trained. Another decisive advantage is that you spares the joints while trampolining.

Trampolin | Area360

Child trampoline / trampoline for toddlers

Trampolinbereich | Area360

In children, the passion is very widespread. The breathtaking heights you can reach, the great tricks you can do and the floating in the air makes you want more. 

The Area360 offers big ones trampoline fields with various trampolines, such as the FreeStyle Square, sloping trampoline, long trampoline and also Schnitzelgrube in which you can land.

For children this is a safe and exciting way to let off steam.

Trampoline for toddlers from 2 years is also a great experience. The children can let off steam in a safe and varied environment.