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10. October 2018

Trampoline Park

3D model of the Area360 trampoline hall

The Area360 Trampoline Park has an area of 1605m2 and a height of 8.5 meters. The hall is divided into three areas. The bistro area, the trampoline area and a Parkour / Tricking area.

Grundriss | Area360

Trampoline offer

Trampolinbereich | Area360

The trampoline area offers a trampoline area of up to 500 m2. There is a different trampoline offer and Schnitzelgruben to jump in.

The following trampolines are planned:

  • FreeStyle Square
  • Small square trampoline
  • Long trampoline
  • Sloping trampoline
  • Big trampoline

The parkour and tricking area offers enough space to Parkour and FreeRunning exercise. There is a jumping floor, air-track mats, a pole park, wall-run and many more parkour obstacles.

In addition to a small selection of food and drinks, the bistro will offer various slot machines such as table tennis, pool table, air hockey and more. For small children, a playground is provided at the bistro.

Bistro und Parkour | Area360