Turnen - Area360 - Die Trampolinhalle / Trampolinpark
8. October 2018


Gymnastics in the area360

The Area360 offers an optimal infrastructure for any kind of gymnast. In the area Parkour and Tricking are many multifunctional devices used for gymnastics, Parkour, Tricking and FreeRunning can be used.

A cross-fit area also complements the optimal equipment for every gymnast.

Turnen | Area360

Für Turnvereine

Turnvereine Turnen | Area360

The Area360 would like to work with the gymnastic clubs in the area and offers a personal solution for every gymnastics club. Be it in the point of training equipment, use of space for training, competitions and events as well as support in the field of coaches.

For more information contact us Contact form or directly to info@area360.ch